Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peach Black Iced Tea AND Earl Gray. (And some news) :)

Okay so, I've definitely been slacking on my posts lately... Sorry about that, guys! So let me catch up on everything.

Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift and decided to take a break on all the drinks that I've been trying from the surveys, so instead of trying one of those, I tried the Peach Black Iced Tea. And maaan it's good! My co-worker Emily gets it all the time for her shift drink, and now I see why! If you don't normally like iced tea, this is definitely one to actually go for. It's definitely sweeter because it has the peach in it, and it's also the Mango black iced tea as well. In my opinion, I think the Hibiscus Apple Blossom tea is a little overwhelming, but this one is just right. It's definitely something that I'll be getting again! :)

Also, today I tried Jordan's Earl Gray hot tea with a shot of vanilla. This is definitely really good! I'm not normally a fan of Earl Gray, but the vanilla makes it a lot better, and I'm happy about that. I'm really glad that I've been leaning more away from the coffee for a while and I've been getting to try some teas! This makes me very happy, since I feel at least a little healthier drinking tea rather than coffee. :)

So, a couple posts ago I talked about some changes coming up at work that I'm excited about. I didn't want to reveal it then, but it's becoming more known at work so I guess I can talk about it on here:

I'm being promoted! :D :D

I can't believe it. I'm so excited! I'm going to be trained to be a Shift Supervisor in a couple weeks alongside my coworker Becca, and we're both thrilled to be getting this opportunity. I'm so excited to have more responsibilities and be trusted with this new position, especially since I'm so new.

I really feel extremely humbled by this opportunity, and I feel a lot of responsibility coming with it. I know that I definitely need to take it seriously and do it well, and I'm excited to do just that. We'll see what happens! Hopefully I won't just make a mess of everything. ;)

Anyhoo... I guess that's it for today! Have a GREAT rest of your day! Go get a Grilled Cheese Sandwich from your local Caribou Coffee. ;)

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