Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Definitely a Monday.

Well, today is Monday... And there's really nothing interesting to say, other than I am definitely addicted to the Peach Black Iced Tea from Caribou. It's definitely extremely delicious, and I love it. :) I know I didn't post about coffee this weekend like I said I was going to, but as free as I thought we were going to be... we weren't. We did all fun stuff, though! Eric and I went to a wedding on Friday night, then on Saturday we went to our friends David and Lindsey's place for dinner, then we went to a 40's swing night with them! It was so legit. It was in an airplane hanger, and it was definitely a lot of fun. :) Sunday we had a potluck at church and then we watched the Vikings game with Eric's parents. So, all in all, it was a good weekend!

I'm definitely determined though to write a post about the origins of some coffees. I'm really interested in researching them... I just haven't done it yet.

Well, that's all I have for today! Eric and I are gonna watch the Bronco's game at Applebee's tonight, and I'm suuuper excited about that. I haven't watched one of my home team's games in a long time. Yay! :)

Go get a Pumpkin White Mocha. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend and Craziness.

So, it's the weekend, and this has definitely been an eventful week at work. I worked a lot which wasn't a big deal (since I enjoy it so much), but the past two days have been very eventful.

Yesterday morning I burned myself on our oven, and that HURT. The spatula-type-thing that we use to get sandwiches out of the oven has its handle broken, so unfortunately right now our hands and arms are much closer to the heat than they normally are. Because of this and because I wasn't watching what I was doing, as I pulled a sandwich out, my arm came down and landed on the inside door. It proceeded to hurt like none other, even though I put it under cold water multiple times and for a long time. *sigh* BUT. Kelsey (my boss) has magic lotion (lol) and after a couple times of rubbing it on there, it felt a lot better! Now it's bandaged up and is healing.

...I feel like this isn't going to be the last time that I get a battle scar from working at Caribou. Oh well. It's totally worth it.

Also, the reason that I didn't update yesterday was because I ended up having to go home sick in the afternoon. :( I have no idea what happened, but I started feeling weaker and weaker (even though I ate), started sweating, getting dizzy, and shaking. Thanks to my wonderful co-workers (Rachel and Casey especially), I was able to go home and lay on the couch all afternoon. I absolutely hate being sick because it makes me feel useless and I feel like a baby, but my wonderful hubby brought home flowers and took care of me all evening, so I went back to work today, ready and able to work! :)

Today was also a crazy day, even though I only worked two hours. So, I'm excited that it's the weekend, and that I get to spend some more quality time with the hubs! We're going to a friend of Eric's wedding tonight, and then we'll see what happens the rest of the weekend! I'm sure some lovely Caribou Coffee will be involved in some way. ;)

Oh, speaking of... We have a new promotional coffee! You guys should definitely buy a pound and try it - I'm excited to drink it at home. It's called Hojas del Otono, and it's gonna be really good. It's dark-chocolatey, nutty, and kinda molasses...y... :) So, go to your local Caribou and get some!


So, a couple posts ago I talked about how I'm being promoted and my training is starting soon. It's just now starting to become real to me how I need to emotionally and mentally adjust to my new role, and it's definitely not going to be easy. I'm really comfortable when I know what I'm doing and I can be confident at that, but when it comes to changing how I'm supposed to act and respond to situations and moving into leadership... It's definitely harder for me to adjust. I'm really learning a lot through it, and like Kelsey told me today - I'm uncomfortable right now, and that's a good thing. It's allowing me to learn and grow in areas that I need to be stretched, and it's (hopefully) making me a better worker and person because of it. We'll see how it keeps going and I'm sure I'll be updating you once I start training! :)

That's all for now - I think I'm going to do a little blurb on one of our coffees tomorrow. Yay! :)

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Autumn! :) :)

Leaves changing, cooler weather, apple picking, pumpkin carving.... These can only mean one thing:

It's officially fall at Caribou! :)

Yesterday we started our new fall line-up. We have two new drinks, and a whole-lotta food! :) For our drinks, we have our Pumpkin Latte and Pumpkin White Mocha, and the food items are Cinnamon Apple Scones, Maple Walnut Scones, Caramel Apple Crisp Oatmeal (I think I'm wrong on the name) and Pumpkin Bread! I may not like the season of autumn, but all these new things actually make me excited about it!

So, because I work at Caribou, I have the horrible job of having to try everything. ;) I've tried everything but the Pumpkin Bread so far, and it's all tasting really really good! I'm not as big of a fan of the Pumpkin Latte, but I highly suggest that you all try the Pumpkin White Mocha. And in honor of fall, for my shift drink I got a Pumpkin White Mocha Cooler! I was a little iffy about it, but it was DELICIOUS! I will definitely be getting that drink again.

As far as the food goes, the scones are definitely a little dry, but they are cute and small, so they go perfect with a cup of coffee. I'm even tempted to get a coffee just so I can dip the little scones in. :) They're a pretty good deal, too! For one it's $1.25, but we have good deals on getting 2 or 3 of them, so check 'em out! :) And then... there's the oatmeal. Oh my goodness... If you like oatmeal, then you have to try the Caramel Apple Crisp! (Again, I don't know if that's the right name, but it's the promoted oatmeal right now.) It's sooo good. If I could, I would get it every day. Not everybody at my store feels the same way that I do, but that's because they don't like oatmeal in general. It's definitely sweeter, but it's soooo good. :)

So anyway... I think that's it. The weather is perfect outside, and it's going to continue to be that way for the rest of the week here in good ol' Minnesota (you betcha!). I think I'm going to open my porch door and let the cool breeze in tonight. :) I may not like autumn because it reminds me that winter is coming, but I gotta say... Minnesota autumn is making me happy thus far (Eric will be happy to read that).

Okay. NOW I'm done. Have a great evening everybody, and don't forget to check out the new stuff at your local Caribou Coffee! :)

PS - Thanks again, Bethany Johnson, for visiting my Caribou today. I love seeing friends there! :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's the Weekend! :)

Yay, I'm so excited about the fact that it's the weekend now. :)

So, for the past couple of days I've forgotten to look at the survey, and thus... I haven't tried anyone's drinks. However, I think I'm running out. Anyhoo, yesterday I got a Campfire Mocha Cooler with dark chocolate and loved it! The dark chocolate isn't my favorite, but it was still really good. Today I got a Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha Cooler and it's delish. Definitely very sweet, but very tasty. :) For all of you who don't know what Coolers are, it's the Caribou equivalent of a Starbucks Frappacino (sp?). Only... It's better, because:

1. We have more flavors.
2. You can actually pronounce and spell our drink.
3. We're just cooler than Starbucks anyway.


Well, I think that's all I have for today! The hubs and I are going camping for Labor Day weekend, then to the State Fair on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peach Black Iced Tea AND Earl Gray. (And some news) :)

Okay so, I've definitely been slacking on my posts lately... Sorry about that, guys! So let me catch up on everything.

Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift and decided to take a break on all the drinks that I've been trying from the surveys, so instead of trying one of those, I tried the Peach Black Iced Tea. And maaan it's good! My co-worker Emily gets it all the time for her shift drink, and now I see why! If you don't normally like iced tea, this is definitely one to actually go for. It's definitely sweeter because it has the peach in it, and it's also the Mango black iced tea as well. In my opinion, I think the Hibiscus Apple Blossom tea is a little overwhelming, but this one is just right. It's definitely something that I'll be getting again! :)

Also, today I tried Jordan's Earl Gray hot tea with a shot of vanilla. This is definitely really good! I'm not normally a fan of Earl Gray, but the vanilla makes it a lot better, and I'm happy about that. I'm really glad that I've been leaning more away from the coffee for a while and I've been getting to try some teas! This makes me very happy, since I feel at least a little healthier drinking tea rather than coffee. :)

So, a couple posts ago I talked about some changes coming up at work that I'm excited about. I didn't want to reveal it then, but it's becoming more known at work so I guess I can talk about it on here:

I'm being promoted! :D :D

I can't believe it. I'm so excited! I'm going to be trained to be a Shift Supervisor in a couple weeks alongside my coworker Becca, and we're both thrilled to be getting this opportunity. I'm so excited to have more responsibilities and be trusted with this new position, especially since I'm so new.

I really feel extremely humbled by this opportunity, and I feel a lot of responsibility coming with it. I know that I definitely need to take it seriously and do it well, and I'm excited to do just that. We'll see what happens! Hopefully I won't just make a mess of everything. ;)

Anyhoo... I guess that's it for today! Have a GREAT rest of your day! Go get a Grilled Cheese Sandwich from your local Caribou Coffee. ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm a Tired One.

Wow, I've definitely been suuuper tired this whole weekend - hence why I haven't put up any posts. I feel as though I've been going and going, and my body is just taking a while to catch up. But it's okay. It'll get there. :)


This weekend has been a lot of fun and relaxing at the same time. :) Yesterday morning Eric and I went to the St. Paul Farmer's Market and had a blast walking around and enjoying everything that was there. We got a couple donuts, Eric bought me flowers (again), and we also got raspberries, green beans, and bratwurst! We're incredibly excited to make the brats and beans tomorrow night. We wanted to grill them up tonight, but we're going to a going-away party for our friend Jeff (he's studying at Oxford this semester!) tonight instead. I guess we'll put up with that... ;)

Oh, and just a little while ago I went to another Caribou (one that's just down the street from where we live) to get a drink, and I got talking to one of the team members there. I told her that I live down the street but I work at the Caribou in Mendota Heights, and she said, "Why don't you transfer here?!" That made me feel really awkward since the only reason I go to that Caribou is because it's close and I really love working at the one in Mendota, so I told her, "Well, I just got hired there not that long ago and I really like working there." She shrugged and then told me that she's worked at four stores and that one was the best one she's ever worked at, and if I ever get tired of working at the one in Mendota Heights then I should transfer there. I smiled politely, but since I really don't actually like that Caribou so much I just thought to myself that there's no way I'd transfer there. :) I feel bad that she's so unfortunate that that Caribou is the best one she's ever worked at. Poor girl. I like where I work, and I think I'll stay there for a while, thank you very much. :)

Well, I guess that's all I have for now. I'm going to enjoy my White Mocha and get some rest in before the week starts up again. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blended Chai.

Hey guys!

So, I guess my lack of updating yesterday calls for an explanation. ...Hopefully this will be good enough. So... I worked 10 hours yesterday - 6:30-4:30. Aaand when I got home, I was absolutely exhausted. Basically, all I did was eat the food my wonderful hubby made for me, stare at the TV while The Devil Wear Prada was playing, and then I barely made it to bed at 8 when I promptly fell asleep. THEN I had to get up this morning at 3:45 in order to be at work by 5. So... it's been a busy couple of days. So I hope you'll forgive me. :)

Anyhoo... I had the Blended Chai (David's drink - I know, I'm a little out of order.) today! I have to say.. I like the hot chai much better. The only reason is because I think putting the ice in the chai really waters it down, so you don't get as much of the awesome flavor of the chai tea. I think the hot chai is an awesome fall drink, and I'm sure that once fall hits I'll definitely be drinkin' some o' that. :D

Oh, and I worked SuperGlue today! So basically what that means is that I ran around everywhere and did everything. The only thing I didn't do was be the cashier. Beyond that though... I had to back up the cashiers by getting the drip coffees for them, make the sandwiches, make sure the bakery case was filled, back up on bar whenever I was needed, restock items, keep the coffees on track... and so on and so forth (seriously, there's even more. lol!). So yes... it was a busy day. :) I worked 7 hours, and it really didn't feel like it. I love working the morning shifts because they always work like that. I worked 5 til noon, and barely noticed that I worked that long. Again... I love my job. :)

Well, I guess that's it for now... Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! If any of you live in MN, make sure you get out to the State Fair! I don't think Eric and I will be going... so have extra fun for us! :) <3

PS - The Cranberry-Orange Scone is delicious..... Thanks Nancy (one of the best customers) for recommending it! :)