Thursday, August 4, 2011

Survey Time!

Hey, everybody! So, at work today, I was trying to decide what drink I wanted for my shift drink - and for the life of me... I couldn't decide! I realized that I have basically no creativity when it comes to coffee (yet). SO. I have a question for you all:

What's your favorite drink?

Let me know in a comment, and I promise that I will try every single one as long as it's a legit and real drink (nothing disgusting just to make me try it [Byron]). :) I'm really hoping that you all tell me your favorite drinks! I'm looking forward to trying them in the days to come.

So..... leave a comment letting me know! :D


  1. 12 oz double americano with white chocolate. Hot or iced.

  2. Iced Caramel Macchiato :)

  3. Decaf caramel latte with CARIBOU coffee...not that other guy that tastes burnt...:-)

  4. Well, mine is straight black coffee or straight espresso, but since I'm thinking you want something a little more flamboyant...Venti espresso (I think four shots) over ice with milk (or breve), no water, two pumps white mocha, one caramel. It's the absolute best cold coffee drink I've had. I think I got all the details right, it's been awhile since I had it.

  5. We called it a Love Mocha. It's 1.5 pumps of white chocolate, and an oz each of caramel, hazlenut, and vanilla syrup. It's wayyy sweet but it's really good.

  6. Too many!! I had the pleasure of working in a coffee shop, so my two favorites that I always had were a caramel mocha and a mocha with one pump of each- caramel, hazelnut and toffee nut. If you want something not so so sweet, then a white chocolate mocha with coconut. And always the classic vanilla latte.

    My favorite tea drinks are a London Fog (Earl Gray tea au lait with vanilla syrup) and a Muffin in a Cup (Blueberry tea au lait with vanilla syrup)


  7. Chai tea (hot or cold) 1/2 breve, 1/2 whole milk, no H2O, extra foam, butter caramel in and on top. Very tasty!

    Also a white chocolate mocha quad shot. Mmmmmm!

  8. Chai Tea Frap. I was told it tastes like Christmas in a cup.

  9. I love coconut mocha iced latte right now. Love Mandi

    PS I really like reading what your thoughts are on other drinks. It inspires me to broaden my coffee horizens- hence my new favorite.

  10. I like WHITE mocha and coconunt or very little mocha and extra coconut. Otherwises its too bitter for me. Not a fan of dark chocolate. OR I love the Marble Mocha Machiatto (it is a combo of regular mocha and white mocha). I love all my drinks ICED but not blended. And I NEVER add whipped cream to any of my coffee drinks. I also love raspberry white mocha.

    I noticed you were running out of suggestions, so I thought I would throw a few out there for you ;) and if you need more, I could always mak some up :) Tat is just the kind of friend I am.

    XOXO, Love and miss you my dear.