Thursday, August 18, 2011

LONG day...

So, I definitely worked a 9-hour shift today, and man, I am tired! I'm definitely happy to be home and not have anything else to do for the rest of the evening. And then... I get to go back to work in the morning and work another 8 hours! Oof. That's okay though... It'll just be a long day. The only reason that today was so brutal was because I went running yesterday, and I totally forget to stretch afterwards.... so now my legs hate me.

So anyway... Today I was supposed to try Whitney's "love mocha," but because it's so late and I really shouldn't have that much sugar or caffeine right now, I'm saving that til tomorrow. Instead, I got a Mango Iced Tea. I'd never had the iced teas before, and they're pretty good! However... I'm not a straight-up iced tea type of person, so I had to sweeten it in order for it to taste good. With the simple syrup (basically liquid sugar) it tasted really good. Definitely something I'd get again. :)

Well, that's it for now... I'm gonna go read Harry Potter and enjoy my relaxing evening. Have a good one! :)


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