Friday, September 2, 2011

It's the Weekend! :)

Yay, I'm so excited about the fact that it's the weekend now. :)

So, for the past couple of days I've forgotten to look at the survey, and thus... I haven't tried anyone's drinks. However, I think I'm running out. Anyhoo, yesterday I got a Campfire Mocha Cooler with dark chocolate and loved it! The dark chocolate isn't my favorite, but it was still really good. Today I got a Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha Cooler and it's delish. Definitely very sweet, but very tasty. :) For all of you who don't know what Coolers are, it's the Caribou equivalent of a Starbucks Frappacino (sp?). Only... It's better, because:

1. We have more flavors.
2. You can actually pronounce and spell our drink.
3. We're just cooler than Starbucks anyway.


Well, I think that's all I have for today! The hubs and I are going camping for Labor Day weekend, then to the State Fair on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe!


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